My Enemy, My Brother

May 14, 2015 at 5:47 pm

My-Enemy-My-Brother_web_1“Right away he changed into a human, not an enemy, not a killer…an angel coming to me and coming with me in the bunker.” – Najah Aboud, My Enemy, My Brother

Ann Shin has begun to work on a new documentary that traces the story of two sworn enemies who save each other from death. I strongly encourage you to pull up a seat, take a look, and then continue to follow along as the story unfolds. The film is titled My Enemy, My Brother and will be released in segments on this site

There are a myriad of thoughts the film has stirred in me, not least of which is the power of forgiveness and the possibility of grace in even the most desperate of circumstances. As I watched, I also thought much about the fact that while most who might read this post are not engaged in the brutality of a physical war, many of us find ourselves in places where references to “Culture Wars” are frequently touted. In regards to these battles, let me highlight just a couple of thoughts before I leave you with the film:  

1. As Christians, what might it look like to see past politicized issues and battles to the people who share our humanity? What sort of Kingdom work is available for listeners who can hear more than just mere rhetoric, into the heart of someone who may be on the brink of death itself?

2. A paraphrase of Paul: “I can win every argument, defend my case decisively from Scripture, win every legislative battle in the courts, destroy all my enemies and carry the banner of truth higher than any other soldier…but if I don’t have love, I am just a large mouth making too much noise, and making very little difference in this world.” (1 Cor. 13)