Planned Parenthood & the Anatomy of Unbelief

October 2, 2015 at 1:19 pm

Davidson-Cecile-Richards-The-Target-at-the-Planned-Parenthood-Hearings-1200Earlier this week Republicans grilled Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards regarding the use of federal funding to perform abortions. During a heated congressional hearing Richards tried desperately to defend the indefensible. Despite her feeble attempts at half-truths, sidesteps and ambiguity Richards finally conceded under oath that when federal funds are exempted, 86 percent of Planned Parenthood’s revenue comes from abortions and that none of the 650 to 700 facilities offer mammograms, nor do they even have the equipment to do so.

While a number of prominent pro-life supporters derided the hearings as a missed opportunity, the fact remains that those who support abortion are being forced to grapple with the brutality of their position ever since a string of undercover videos were released by the Center for Medical Progress. And yet, despite evidence that continually undermines their key presuppositions, pro-choice supporters seem to only become more entrenched in their position. Bewildering? Indeed. Uncommon? Certainly not.

In his latest book Fools Talk, author and apologist Os Guinness makes a case for “Christian Persuasion.” In doing so Guinness highlights the need to understand the true nature of the challenge for modern apologetics in a pluralistic culture by unveiling what he refers to as the “anatomy of unbelief.” In essence Guinness argues persuasively that unbelief is far more complicated than merely the rejection of facts and logic, but the very embracement of untruth until deception becomes self-deception: lies become our truth.

Admittedly, the following four stages taken from Guinness’s book are applicable to far more than just the current debate on abortion. They describe the secret journey of the heart that we all travel on the way to justifying our rebellion against the Creator, no mater how small the transgression may seem. And yet, they seem partially apropos for those still arguing forcefully that killing our children and harvesting their organs is a hallmark of a healthy society.

First, unbelief abuses truth through a deliberate act of suppression. Unbelief seizes truth, grasps it roughly, silences its voice and twists it away from God’s intended purpose. By itself, truth speaks naturally and clearly, but its voice is censored, blocked and silenced, so that it is no longer allowed to speak as it does naturally:

Second, unbelief abuses truth through a deliberate act of exploitation. Unbelief not only suppresses the real truth and twists it away from God’s true ends, but wrests it toward its own ends and its own agenda.

Third, unbelief goes further still and abuses truth through a deliberate act of inversion. Unbelief not only suppresses truth and exploits it for its own ends, but seizes it and turns it completely upside down, inside out and the wrong way around, and then holds it there for its own purposes. In terms of goodness, we are always self-righteous. And in terms of God, we are always our own gods.

Fourth, unbelief abuses truth through a deliberate act of deception that ends in its own self-deception. Unbelief seizes God’s truth, twists it away from God’s purposes and toward its own, and is therefore forced to deny the full reality of the truth it knows.